The glass door is standard.
The legs are an option because it can
also be ordered with a pedestal, instead.
The ash pan is an option that I would likely
pass on (I do plan to buy a 2100)
I may mount mine on a stone pedestal.

> I was mostly frustrated about not being able to go
> look at one

One of the link I posted was from a shop in Litchfield Maine.

> Just had to put $2k into a car so no money anyway.

Sorry to here that. The 10% woodstove tax credit ends this month.

So far, I have not found another stove (except the 2200)
in that price range, with those features, that has anywhere
near such an impressive efficiency rating. Even the fact
that they use cast iron doors, to cover virtually the whole
face of the steel stoves, is very good, economy targeted
designing for construction. It can be built cheaper, without the cheaper
look of most steel stoves.


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