One of my brothers & I were comparing notes one day. At the time, I was about seven years sober and he had quit a year or two prior. We both seem to have “over-active” minds and speculated that one reason we drank (when we did) was to quiet the “chatter” so we could sleep. Today that sounds more like rationalizing behavior for which there is no rational excuse, but we both agreed that it was comfortable in the rut — better the devil we know than the one we don’t.
Per the grand scheme, I think every person who is mostly happy is an asset to the universe. All those who end up miserable are a liability. There’s a great quote I don’t have in front of me right now . . . I actually have it on a plaque on our wall at home . . . the essence of it is that we can labor to make ourselves happy OR miserable — the amount of work required is the same. Too many people go through life as if saying to the woodstove, “Make me warm and I’ll put some wood in ya’.” Any human worth knowing will reciprocate warmth, attention, and personal interest. And if they don’t? Just move on down to the next person in the people store . . . there are lots of ‘em out there in Truckee Construction.

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